Was mir die Kunst auch bringe, ich bleibe guter Dinge

Was mir die Kunst auch bringe, ich bleibe guter Dinge
(What ever the art will bring to me, I will stay calm)


Video installation / performance
Collaboration with Timo Klöppel & Marius Schmidt
Video installation
240x 360x 275 cm
3 Videos in sync as loop (20:00 Minutes):
3 Rear projections
Cinematography by Lucie Freynhagen,
Judy Ross
Installation: Timo Klöppel
Voice over, German

In this installation at the C. Rockefeller Center For The Contemporary Arts in Dresden Judy Ross, Timo Klöppel & Marius Schmidt combine elements of three artistic positions to open a gate between vision and reality.

Excerpt from the radio play

Dear visitor,
It is wonderful to have you here.
Art strengthens our inner balance and assists us with our everyday stability.
Please make yourself comfortable and relax.
Take a look around and become familiar with the room.
As you know tension is an obstacle and a barrier, it gets in the way of art and to your inner-self.
On the other hand, serenity and calmness will bring you to your center, where we will wait for you.

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