My artworks are narrative short films and video installations. My projects are related to movies and theatre. The stories are fragmented in time and space, emotion and communication. I aim to expose the intimacy and uniqueness of tragedy. My installations and short films employ a variety of media including written and spoken language, illustration, photography, sculpture and performance. I construct and deconstruct dramatic sets and create theatrical exaggerations of characters, referencing, yet rhetorically distorting the structure of classic film, mythological stories, or clichés. I focus on uncovering and disturbing familiar images as well as disquieting the personal and social narrative expectations of film. Both, the technological frame of the camera lens that creates subject and narrative, and the camera itself that represents the medium of film show as independent figures in my film projects. Also within the installations, it is my goal to actively involve the viewer. To linger in the installations and be able to observe the details of a simultaneously familiar and unexpected set-up allows the viewer to unravel the multiple layers of each story.

Judy Ross studied at the Berlin University of the Arts and the Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen. Ross’ short films and video installations have been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows across Europe, USA, Canada, China, and New Zealand. Judy Ross was the recipient of several national and civic grants: Federal Award for Fine Art by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, ifa – International Exhibition-Funding, DAAD Short-Term Project Scholarship for Canada and Work Scholarship by the City of Berlin. Ross was an Artist in Residence at International Art Residency Beijing, China and at Banff Centre, Canada. She works as guest lecturer at universities in Germany and China.

Judy Ross lives and works in Berlin.

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